In line with our values and rules, we are passionate about Achieving Excellence, Belonging Together and Being Ready for every learning opportunity. Therefore, we have the highest standards and expectations in terms of ‘top quality’ uniform.
• Plain black leather type school shoes. Shoes must be appropriate for school life and demands.
• Any laces must be black.
• No branding.
• No trainers, pumps or canvas footwear (for example Nike Air Force are not leather school shoes).
• No sling backs, boots or shoes with significant heels.
• Loud, bright socks are not acceptable.
Outdoor wear
• A plain outdoor coat. No hoodies are to be worn at all.
• No denim, denim look alike or leather jackets to be worn.
• No caps at all. Hats to be removed inside the buildings.
Trousers and skirts – Standard School Day
• Official school skirt or tailored trousers.
• No denim, or denim look alike to be worn.
• Skirts should be school style only (blue tartan) and be no more than 5cm above or below the knee.
• No lycra/stretch material or skin-tight trousers.
• No decoration (belts/buckles/zips/buttons/sparkle etc.).
PE Kit – changing in school
• Students must bring their PE kit to school on PE days, which comprises Colmers PE Top and shorts as well as a pair of trainers.
• Students may wear leggings underneath their PE shorts.

PE Kit – wearing kit to school (if necessary due to COVID restrictions)
In the event we are unable to offer changing facilities due to covid restrictions, we will ask students to wear their PE kit to school on PE days.
• Students will wear their PE Kit to school i.e. Colmers PE Top, Colmers shorts and trainers
• Students may wear blue or black plain joggers over their PE shorts or a pair of leggings under their PE shorts.
• Students may wear a school jumper or outdoor coat top over their PE kit for the remainder of the school day.
Extra Layers – suggestions
• Wear a t-shirt or vest under your school shirt and/or a pair of leggings under your school trousers.
• Bring an additional school jumper to wear under a blazer if necessary.
• Coats should not be worn in classrooms unless in extreme circumstances where it will be at the teacher’s discretion.

Hair and Jewellery
• No unreasonable or extreme haircuts – please check before attending barbers/hairdressers.
• No shaved patterns or lines in the hair or eyebrows.
• Only plain dark coloured small hair bands/clips/slides – no other hair accessories (e.g. large bows, bandanas, flowers etc.).
• Hair colouring and hair braids must be natural hair colour only (i.e. not purple/pink/peroxide etc.).
No headgear other than for religious reasons – no caps, beanies, do-rags
• Jewellery is restricted to one small ring, a watch and one pair of plain small sleeper/stud earrings and no other piercings (no nose, tongue, eyebrow studs etc.).
Make up
• Any make up must be subtle – no dark eyeliner, false/large/dark eyelashes, no bright eye shadow and only light foundation. No nail varnish or false nails.
• No visible tattoos or body art.

At Colmers School we have the highest expectations of our students. Their learning is incredibly important to us; therefore, they must be prepared with the correct equipment to maximise their learning potential. At Colmers School, we expect every student to have at least the following available equipment every day for every lesson:
• A 30cm (in length) clear pencil case
• 2 black or blue biro pens
• 1 green pen
• 1 red pen
• 1 pencil
• 1 pencil sharpener
• 1 eraser
• A 30cm ruler
• 1 Glue Stick
• 1 Highlighter

An equipment pack can be purchased from the school with all the above for £2. You can purchase these via ParentPay and students can collect them on their first day in September. Equally, a stationary shop with spare equipment will also be available in the study centre every day and replacements can be purchased for a small fee. If students would like to have more equipment than above that is fine, but the list above is the minimum expectation that we have of our students.
Calculator information for parents
As you will be aware, in 2017 the Mathematics GCSE was reformed meaning that the GCSE is more difficult and, therefore, pupils are required to have a scientific calculator that performs several advanced functions. Equally other subjects like Science, Geography and Business (to name a few) require students to use calculators to help them in their studies.
Therefore, it is imperative that all our students are fully equipped to meet the demands of such requirements. Pupil premium students will be provided with this equipment in September 2021. However, non-pupil premium students will be required to purchase the following calculator for September 2021. Calculators will be part of our essential equipment list and therefore a consequence will follow if a student does not bring the appropriate calculator to school every day starting in the new academic year.
The suggested calculator that will perform all the functions required for GCSE is below.
Casio Calculators
Model number:
fx-85 Scientific Calculator
fx-83 Scientific Calculator

These are the easiest to find and are in most supermarkets or stationary shops (Asda, Tesco, WHSmith…). The price ranges from £9.00 to £12.00. They are also available to buy online from Amazon and other online stores.

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