At Colmers we welcome the opportunity to meet parents.  A number of formal occasions exist for such meetings at which parents can discuss their child’s progress and development.

However, parents are encouraged to get in touch with the School over any matter which concerns them, either by telephone, letter or by visiting the School.



Parents are asked to try to make an appointment if they wish to visit the School to discuss their child’s progress.  In this way we can be prepared with the necessary reports and information required.

The first approach should normally be made by calling at the School office or by telephoning the School.


TELEPHONE NUMBER: 0121 453 1778

FAX NUMBER: 0121 457 7642



Please do not be discouraged from visiting us because this all sounds rather official.  It is not meant to be – meeting parents is important to us.  We assure you of a friendly and caring reception when you come.

However, visitors must come to Reception in East Building.  On the grounds of safety we cannot allow visitors to ‘tour the school’ in search of staff, no matter what the reason might be.


First Contacts


Before their children join the School, new intake parents are invited to an Induction Evening to meet the Head and other staff.

All pupils will spend a day with us in the summer term before transferring from primary school.


Reports and Parents’ Evenings


Parents receive a written report annually from the School, recording the attainment and progress of their child.  The issue of this report is accompanied by a parent’s evening when parents have the opportunity to discuss the progress of their child with subject teachers.

In addition to this yearly report we also have a termly monitoring of all pupils for effort and attainment.


The Education Reform Act and Parents


This Act has given parents a number of formal rights with regard to their child’s education.  Two of these rights are as follows:-

  • Complaints procedures over the curriculum being offered are laid out in the Act.
  • Religious Education and collective worship policies have, under the terms of the Act, to be made available to parents.
  • If parents wish to know more about either of these issues they can obtain further details by contacting the School