We know that a student is far more likely to respond to criticism and sanctions if we have proven we are as ready to reward and praise. Rewards and praise are enormously wide-ranging and encompass everything from a subtle nod of approval to collecting a trophy on Presentation Evening. As a school we have several formal systems for recognising and celebrating students. These include awarding house points, sending home praise postcards and taking the time to make a phone call or a personalised letter to parents and carers. In September 2015 we introduced the Personal Scorecard to coincide with the new House system. The Personal Scorecard is designed to cast a light on the broad progress of each student and enable students and their families to ask important questions about their wider development. The Personal Scorecard reflects a student’s attitudes to life, learning and others. A score is not related to a student’s academic ability and is designed to express something new and additional that our normal reporting processes tend to concentrate on: academic attainment and progress.