ICT Acceptable Use Policy


The school has provided computers for use by all students and staff.  They offer access to a vast amount of information for use in studies, offering great potential to support the curriculum.  The computers are provided and maintained for the benefit of all staff and students, who are encouraged to use and enjoy these resources, and ensure they remain available to all.  All users are responsible for good behaviour whilst using the ICT resources.  Remember that access is a privilege, not a right and inappropriate use will result in that privilege being withdrawn.



  • Do not install, attempt to install or store programs of any type on the computers without prior permission from the Network Manager
  • You are not permitted to have files of certain types in your user area. They will be deleted upon detection automatically and will not be restored.  This includes files such as .exe, .pif, .ini or .vb
  • Do not damage, disable, or otherwise harm the operation of computers, or intentionally waste resources.
  • Do not use the computers for commercial purposes, e.g. buying or selling goods.
  • Do not open files from removable media (such as floppy disks, CD’s, Flash Drives etc. until they have been checked with antivirus software, and found to be clean of viruses.
  • Do not connect mobile equipment to the network (e.g. Laptops, Tablet PC’s PDA’s etc.) until they have been checked with antivirus software, and found to be clean of viruses.
  • Do not use the equipment to obtain, download, send, print, display or otherwise transmit or gain access to materials which are unlawful, obscene or abusive.
  • Do not eat or drink near ICT Equipment.

Security & Privacy

  • Do not disclose your password to others, or use passwords intended for the use of others.
  • Never tell anyone you meet on the internet your home address, your telephone number, your school’s name, or send them your picture, unless you are given permission to do so.
  • Do not use the computers in a way that harasses, harms, offends or insults others.
  • Respect, and do not attempt to bypass security in place on the computers, or attempt to alter the settings.
  • Computer storage such as network drives, floppy disks or flash drives may be viewed at any time by IT support staff to ensure that users are using the system responsibly.


  • Do not access the internet unless for study, work or for school authorised/supervised activities.
  • All internet activity is monitored on a daily basis
  • If you find a website which you believe to be inappropriate you can submit a filter request to filtering@colmers.bham.sch.uk detailing the full website address which needs to be blocked and the reason for the block.
  • Respect the work and ownership rights of people outside the school, as well as other students and staff. This includes abiding by copyright laws.
  • Do not engage in ‘chat’ activities over the internet. This takes up valuable resources, which could be used by others to benefit their studies
  • Never arrange to meet anyone unless your parent/guardian or teacher goes with you. People you contact online are not always who they seem.
  • Do not use any area of the School Portal unless you have been given the permission to do so by either the Network Manager or Director of E-Learning
  • Be aware that any opinions or messages published on the portal are potentially visible to all staff, students and parents. Any item published should first have a consideration made towards its target audience.


  • Be polite and appreciate that other users might have different views from your own. The use of strong language, swearing, or aggressive behaviour is not allowed.
  • Key words are filtered from all email to protect all users.
  • Never open email attachments unless they come from someone you already know and trust. They could contain viruses or other programs which would destroy all in information in the computer.
  • The sending or receiving of email containing material likely to be unsuitable for children or schools is strictly forbidden. This applies to any material or a violent, dangerous, racist or inappropriate content.  Always report such messages to the Network Manager.
  • Use of Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and other free email is not permitted by students on the school network.

Remote Access

  • Any kind of remote access to the school systems, including access to the school portal, web mail systems, portal shared areas and document stores are also subject to the conditions set out in this document. Again, access is a privilege not a right. Remote solutions are provided for the convenience of all users and any misuse of the system will result in access being denied.
  • Additional Remote Access Policies will apply to individual areas for staff and will be agreed at the point where access is granted.


Please read this document carefully. Only once it has been signed and returned will access to the internet be permitted.  If any user violates these provisions, access to the internet will be denied and the user will be subject to disciplinary action.


Additional action may be taken by the school in line with existing policy regarding school conduct.  For serious violations, suspension or exclusion may be imposed.  Where appropriate, police may be involved or other legal action taken.