As a parent or carer, I or we will:

 Take a keen interest in my son/daughter’s schooling
 Support the School’s Code of Conduct for Students (see below)
 Make sure that my son/daughter aims for maximum attendance and is punctual
 Make sure that my son/daughter wears full uniform and brings all the correct school equipment
 Make sure that homework and coursework is completed on time
 Attend all parents’ evenings to discuss my son/daughter’s progress
 Inform the school of any problems that might be affecting my son or daughter’s work
 Support the school’s behaviour for learning policy and co-operate to overcome difficulties should they arise

The School will:

 Create a safe and happy environment where your son or daughter feels valued, supported and where his or her
achievements are recognised
 Strive to build good working relationships with you and your son or daughter
 Provide the highest possible standards of teaching
 Set your son or daughter homework on a regular basis
 Encourage your son or daughter to achieve the highest standards of work, attendance and punctuality
 Keep you and your son or daughter informed about general school matters and his or her progress
 Contact you if there are concerns about your son or daughter’s work or behaviour
 Provide a range of activities and encourage your son or daughter to participate in them
 Ensure that the School’s Code of Conduct for Students is promoted and followed by everyone

As a student I will:

 Conduct yourself around the school premises in a safe, sensible and respectful manner.
 Arrive to lessons on time and fully prepared.
 Follow reasonable instructions given by every member of staff.
 Behave in a reasonable and polite manner towards all staff and students.
 Show respect for the opinions and beliefs of others.
 Complete classwork as requested to a strong standard
 Hand in homework at the time requested o a strong standard
 Report unacceptable behaviour.
 Never be a bystander.
 Show respect for the school environment.