This procedure should be used in conjunction with the: –


  • Colmers Schools and Sixth Form College Complaints Policy Summary as on the school web site.
  • DfE Best Practice Advice for School Complaints Procedures 2016.
  • Colmers School and Sixth Form College Home/School Agreement.


Since 1st September 2003 Governing Bodies (GBs) of all maintained schools in England have been required, under Section 29 of the Education Act 2002 to have in place a procedure to deal with complaints from: –

  • Parents and carers of pupils relating to their school.
  • The wider community relating to any community facilities or services that the school provides.


The law also requires the procedure to be published.


In practice the majority of issues raised are concerns rather than complaints.


Colmers School and Sixth Form College is committed to taking concerns seriously, at the earliest stage, in the hope of keeping the number of formal complaints to a minimum and without needing formal procedures.


However, depending on the nature of the complaint, complainants may wish or be asked to follow Colmers School and Sixth Form College formal complaints procedure below.




The prime aim of Colmers School and Sixth Form College policy is to resolve the complaint as fairly and speedily as possible.


Complaints will be dealt with in a sensitive, impartial and confidential manner.


Complaints not in the scope of this policy are detailed at Appendix A.


The following details outline the stages that can be used to resolve complaints.


The Colmers School and Sixth Form College Procedure has up to 4 stages, which might not all need to be invoked, as follows: –


  • Stage 1 (informal) – Concern Heard by an Appropriate Staff Member.
  • Stage 2 (formal) – Complaint Heard by Headteacher.
  • Stage 3 (formal) – Complaint Heard by Chair of Governors.
  • Stage 4 (formal) – Complaint Heard by Governing Board Complaints Appeal Procedure.


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