Colmers School & Sixth Form College is a large and growing comprehensive school serving the families of south-west Birmingham. I joined this school in April 2011 and since that time have admired the way that this entire community has responded to the rising expectations of students, teachers and parents.

The introduction of our sixth form college, in September 2013, acted as both a symbol and a beacon of intentions and our ambitions to enable every single local child to be anyone and to do anything! In the past just one in twenty left Colmers to study A levels – this figure is now almost half and rises each year and reflects a changing community with greater self-belief and much higher expectation.

It does not matter where we are from – what matters is where we are going. This school demands that its students become the next generation of leaders and decision-makers. We constantly urge our young people to make the world more like Colmers and resist any temptation to be a pale version of who they could truly be. Colmers students are taught and urged to be kind, optimistic, tolerant, inquisitive and resilient people who are committed to their family, friends and local community. In some respects we are traditional and embrace the virtues of the past, but we reject old fashioned notions of immovable intelligence, fixed futures and limited expectations.

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