It does not matter where we are from – what matters is where we are going. This school demands that its students become the next generation of leaders and decision-makers. We constantly urge our young people to make the world more like Colmers and resist any temptation to be a pale version of who they could truly be. Colmers students are taught and urged to be kind, optimistic, tolerant, inquisitive and resilient people who are committed to their family, friends and local community. In some respects we are traditional and embrace the virtues of the past, but we reject old fashioned notions of immovable intelligence, fixed futures and limited expectations.

Like all schools, we aim to achieve excellence in all that we do. Excellent progress, achievement and outcomes. But also excellent teaching and learning alongside excellent parenting. Fulfilling the potential of students, teachers and their families can be a demanding journey but one that can be both enjoyable and exciting.

This is because we believe that the only way to be successful is if we maintain our sense of belonging together; pursuing the same goals, ambitions and dreams for the young people we are privileged to be bringing up together.

We also know that at times we have to push ourselves and others to be better at what they do. We can all be better learners, better teachers, better parents and better leaders. At Colmers we urge the entire community to challenge mind-sets so that we all truly and firmly believe that every child can lead a happy, exciting and successful life.

At Colmers we have firm values and beliefs that underpin our thoughts and actions and I invite you to read those carefully to find out more about why we are so passionate about this school and our community.

Our website will, I hope, provide you with plenty of practical information about every aspect of school life and so whether you are a student, a parent or a visitor peering into the metaphorical windows of our school, you are very welcome!

Mr Barry Doherty


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